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Herman Miller Case Study: Workplace Issue ~ Image and Branding Display:
Adams & Knight, Inc.
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Last Update: Thursday, May 5, 2011
Adams & Knight, a major advertising firm in Connecticut, was creating a signature facility
that would reflect the company's creative image and bring its people together in a colorful,
inspiring space. My Studio Environments with Mirra seating was chosen to complement
the colorful and unique interior design and to support employees with a high-performance
Sharpe BMW
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Last Update: Thursday, May 5, 2011
Grand Rapids, Michigan, automobile dealer Sharpe BMW wanted a distinctive aesthetic
for its showroom that would highlight, rather than overshadow, its cars. Sharpe found the
answer in the Resolve system's open, contemporary design. Sharpe BMW uses Resolve
components in a metallic silver that accentuates many of the cars on display, along with
dealership and product messaging on Resolve screens.
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