I know what you’re thinking...an office chair is an office chair. There’s not that much to it and you can get them just about anywhere. The chair raises and lowers, spins around, and if you’re lucky the arms are adjustable. That’s it, right?

I used to think the same thing. Now that I’m spoiled and work in an office full of different ergonomic task chairs, I can tell you that an office chair is not just a chair. There are SO many different parts and pieces that go into making a chair. And not just any chair - an ergonomic task chair made to adjust to your movements and support your body all day.

I’m not going to lie, I was overwhelmed by all of the moving arms and levers on all of the chairs in this office, but it’s amazing the difference a chair can make when you have it correctly adjusted for your body. If you sit at a desk for the majority of your day, you know what I’m talking about when I say chairs can be very uncomfortable after a while. The problem is - your chair should be able to support you for an entire day without causing problems. Here’s a video from Herman Miller that you should check out! Herman Miller has created numerous lines of excellent task chairs to support the human body in ways that I never would have thought about.

So let’s just talk Herman Miller task chairs for a minute. There’s quite a few so I’ll keep it simple. In the past, their chairs have been constructed to be manually adjustable in the arms, height, and support of all kinds. The Aeron chair is probably the most well known chair and has many features. They’ve even given you a video to tune your chair just right. After watching this and adjusting the Aeron chair I sit in every day, I can tell you that it truly does make a huge difference. The other day, I sat in a different place in the office in a different chair and I missed my Aeron chair! Plus I had to re-adjust everything - which is a pain and takes time. But now, Herman Miller has introduced a NEW chair that is using an “auto-harmonic tilt” which basically just means you don’t have to adjust the settings manually - the chair will automatically adjust to ANY user who sits in the chair. I find this very fascinating! With trends moving to more remote working and fewer assigned workspaces, the Cosm chair gives businesses a chair to place at a mobile workstation that will adjust to any user without the user having to spend time adjusting the chair for maximum support.

I have not had the chance to sit in this new chair yet, but check back here in June after NEOCON for more updates on Cosm and other new trends and products!

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