Fall begins as soon as the PSL hits the menu at Starbucks – you know it’s true. At 111, fall might just be the favorite season. So, I went around our office to find out some of the favorite interior design trends for the fall season. Read on to get some ideas for your own home or office!

Let’s start with the most obvious – pumpkins! We love to decorate our homes with all sorts of pumpkins, inside and outside. This fall one of the big trends is white pumpkins. I don’t know about you, but I see them everywhere I go. Painted pumpkins are also a growing trend. With painted pumpkins, you can put them inside or outside without having to worry about them rotting after being carved open. This way you can enjoy your pumpkins all season long. Our designers have also been decorating their homes with velvet pumpkins. Velvet has become popular once again in clothing and now you can buy a velvet pumpkin – check out a local Target or Hobby Lobby and I’m sure you’ll see one! If you’re putting pumpkins outside your front door, mums are another great piece to surround your front porch. The fall colors add a great welcoming touch to entering your home.

Fall means the start of cold weather which leads to being stuck inside all winter long. In the summer, I usually don’t worry about the pillows and blankets on my couches because I’m outside 90% of the time. But when it comes to fall, bring on all the cozy knit and fleece blankets! Changing up your blankets in the fall is a great way to add a new pop of color and throw in those fall tones. Popular tones this year are mustard, navy, and maroon. You can also cozy up your home with some soft fabric pillows – especially since you’ll be curled up on the couch here in a few months trying to stay warm! You may even be lighting up your fireplace to ring in the start of fall.

If you have a fireplace in your home, there are many ways to use fall décor as an accent. Of the many ways, our favorites are fall wreaths and more pumpkins of course! Terracotta pots are also becoming a popular fall design trend and a fun way to bring in earthy tones.  Adding flowers and candles around the pots and pumpkins can create a beautiful fall space in any area of your home.

Last, but not least – who doesn’t love fall candles? I have at least 4 in my living room alone right now. Bath & Body is full of new fall scents every year. Another one of my favorite places to buy candles is Marshall’s. They always have larger candles that can create a great centerpiece for a coffee table surrounded by some fall flowers and once again, more pumpkins!