We survived the long awaited NEOCON 2018 and have returned with lots of new product ideas for you!

First things first, an update on Herman Miller’s Cosm chair for those who read our last blog post on task chairs. So Cosm - what’s it all about again? Now that I’ve had the chance to sit in the chair, I can tell you a little bit more about it. Cosm is one of the new Herman Miller task chairs that they had on display at Neocon. It comes in 6 different colors - 3 of which are the same color top to bottom. My personal favorite is the dipped in color Nightfall - a dark navy! The dipped in color styles are a great option if you are looking for a colored chair from top to bottom. The colors are nightfall, canyon, and glacier. Cosm comes in 3 different height backs which can accomodate any user in any setting - another bonus. And the biggest bonus of all, Cosm has an auto-harmonic tilt limiter. So what’s that you ask? Well, it basically means that you don’t have to adjust the chair to fit your body each time someone new sits in the chair. So, a 6’5” person and a 5’2” can sit in the exact same chair and change nothing but the seat height from the ground and the chair will still fully support each user. Cosm is ideal for open space plans with many unassigned desks because of this feature. Our team absolutely loved the chair!! Cosm won a Gold Award for the Best of Neocon 2018 by the way! Check out the Herman Miller website for more info!

Now for the rest of Neocon -

Bringing back the colors! We saw lots of light pink/rose gold and emerald green. Who would have thought these colors would be back so soon?? We had quite a few vendors showing off products in these colors or similar color palettes. Black workspaces with a light wood top were another new color trend we saw. The past few years, the trend was all white, bright, and airy. Now vendors are moving towards a darker base with the lighter wood tops. It’s a very sleek, eye-catching look! We were loving it.

Second most seen trend: lounge/casual seating. Nearly every seating vendor had some sort of casual, cosy lounge area staged. Office spaces are becoming more and more casual as the millennials are wanting a more relaxed workplace (check out our previous blog on the new generations in the workplace). Herman Miller had a set up with couches, stools, and even bean-bag chairs - it was hard to get up and move out of there. I have to say that I really do enjoy the lounge seating in the workplace trend as I tend to enjoy working in various places around the office during the day - especially lounge seating in the afternoons. And yes, I am in fact a millennial in case you were wondering.

Above you can see some photos taken by out staff as we were making our way through the mart. They may not be the greatest quality, but you can catch a glimpse of what we saw at Neocon 2018!

Give us a call if you have any questions or want more information! We’d love to share our findings and our thoughts with you.

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