Ever wondered what types of lighting are best for certain areas of your home? After watching a Houzz webinar, we have a few tips and tricks to share with you along with some current trends!

To start with the fun stuff let’s talk about a few trends in the lighting world

1. Modern Farmhouse - yes, we mean the Chip and Joanna Fixer Upper style everyone is following. Lots of wood and rustic touches to home decor - especially in lighting selections. Neutral colors are also really popular now because they go with any decor that you can change out when you’re just not feeling it anymore.

2. Clean lines - who doesn’t love a picture perfect elegant looking space?? Trending now with metal finishes in all rooms of the home along with an open airy feel. The open spaces are becoming more and more popular with kitchens flowing to the living room as though it is one large room for all occasions.

3. Pendant lights - yep, they are back to be extremely popular. We are mainly seeing pendants used as accents and statements over a kitchen island. So often, kitchens are being designed around the pendant lighting selected.

4. Along with the pendant lights, we are seeing a lot of clear glass make its way back. Many pendant lights feature a clear glass bulb. There is also a trend using Edison bulbs and what better way to show off a “fancy” bulb, than surround it with clear glass.

5. Mixed finishes - every thought to yourself that gold and silver or black and brass don’t go together? Might be time to take another look. Mixed metals and finishes are finding their place in the home. Many lighting fixtures are featuring black, brass, wood, shiny, and matte all together. Take a look around at some commercial spaces around you and you’ll probably notice that you see this more than you realized.

6. Last, but definitely not least...Black. Black is everywhere. From lighting to appliances to bathroom finishes, black is the new black. Black tends to go with anything, so putting black touches in your home ensures that you don’t have to worry about things not matching. Back to Fixer Upper, if you’ve ever watched the show, you will notice that Jo uses black in all different ways around the home. It is a trend that ties closely with the Modern Farmhouse look.


Now that you’ve read about the current trends, here are a few tips and tricks for you when selecting lighting for your home. Some of these can apply to commercial spaces as well.

1. When using ambient lighting in any space, it should not be your only source of light. Pair an ambient chandelier or pendant with recessed lighting and maybe even a few sconce lights.

2. When selecting pendant lighting for your kitchen island, remember that there are many options for you. You don’t have to go with a few single pendant light lined up next to each other. You can choose a larger pendant light to fill the space and provide the lighting you need. You could also select a larger linear pendant light to center above your island. If you’re using the sconce lights to accent a mirror or piece of art, make sure that the lights are smaller than the featured piece.

3. Closet lighting can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. Another trend we are seeing in this area is using auto illuminate. Many homeowners are purchasing occupancy sensors to sense your movement when you enter the closet as well as when you leave to automatically turn off the light. Also helps energy efficiency!

4. Ceiling fans should be based on the square footage of the room. As far at height goes, for a standard 8' ceiling use a standard downrod. For a 9' use 12" downrod. As your ceiling height increases by 1’ you should add 6" to the downrod height. Sticking to a short downrod helps with the wobbling of a fan on higher settings - no matter the ceiling height.

5. Fan d'liers. Another new, hot item. In case you’re wondering, this is a combination of chandelier style light with ceiling fan functionality. If you want to add a bit of beauty to a ceiling fan, you can now use a fan d’lier. They make everything these days.

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