Millennials and Gen Z-ers are taking over the workplace rapidly and they want a more casual feel—insert, resimercial design!

Resimercial design is the term used for bringing the comfort of your home into the workplace. You may not have realized this, but take a look around at the workplaces near you. You will likely see less individual desks and more collaboration spaces, as well as various types of lounge seating for employees.

Think about the Google’s of the world. With technology changing so quickly, these new employees to the workplace have the ability and desire to work from anywhere. Research shows that productivity improves when spaces are designed for individual workers and learners. According to an article from Work Design Magazine, a survey “revealed that the top three drivers of a casual workplace interior include the attraction and retention of employees, a more advantageous work/life balance, and increased wellness.” In other words, the more casual and comfortable your workplace is, the more likely you are to attract and retain employees—especially the younger generations.

The younger generations are only going to continue entering the workforce, so eventually workspaces are going to need to conform to their needs. These workers want to casually work from anywhere—be that anywhere in the office or down the street at a local coffee shop. Keyword here is "casual." Comfortable and casual—the current trend of the workplace. 

So many of our employees in the workforce today are spending long hours at the office, so why not design a space that allows employees to work comfortably while they are working those long hours? We are happy to help you find a solution that works best for your office and employee structure. Contact us for more!

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