Fort Wayne. The second largest city in Indiana. If you’re not from Fort Wayne (or even if you are) you may not know that we ranked higher than Indianapolis in best places to live! I’ve lived in Fort Wayne my entire life, and it wasn’t until I went away to college that I realized how great Fort Wayne really is. Now, I live in the fantastic, revitalized downtown and it is truly amazing what Fort Wayne has done here. You can’t beat that it is also just a short drive to many surrounding major cities including Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and many more. According to the IndyStar on the U.S. News & World Report's annual ranking of best places, “Fort Wayne was ranked No. 40, a whole 15 spots ahead of Indianapolis. The second-most populated city in the state beat out Indianapolis in the value and quality of life categories, garnering praise for its low cost of living and quiet neighborhoods. Its overall score on the report was a 6.7/10, edging Indy's 6.6/10.” So, why should you continue reading about why Fort Wayne is a great place to live? I’ll give you a few reasons why we at 111 Design love Fort Wayne.

For starters, as a business in downtown Fort Wayne, we are amazed at the revitalization happening around us. We are proud to be a part of the positive changes happening to the downtown area. There are so many neat neighborhoods surrounding us that are drawing in more and more people each day! And of course, we can’t leave out the excitement of the Electric Works and Riverfront Development projects just a few blocks away. We cannot wait to see the future of these projects!

Second, Fort Wayne is full of homegrown talent! Fort Wayne natives have created world changing products, people, and services. And, many still call Fort Wayne home. Along with our 111 Design team, a few come to mind – Vera Bradley, Sweetwater, DeBrand, Addison Agen, Carole Lombard, Rod Woodson, and many more! Without the dedication of our locals and the support of our major corporations Fort Wayne would not be where we are today!

Many of our employees commute into Fort Wayne every day and love that they can access the perks of a big city just 30-50 miles from their hometowns. Fort Wayne is a great place to get the small town, close community vibe with perks of city life. There are so many shopping centers, boutiques, wineries, and breweries popping up in and around downtown that make Fort Wayne a destination for people of all ages! We love that there is always something new for us to try. Along with the shopping, there are numerous local restaurants that are unbeatable. In downtown especially, we have many new restaurants that have opened in the recent months and we can expect many more to open in the coming years. The variety of options is limitless with many types of restaurants in walking distance of each other downtown!

The many festivals happening around Fort Wayne make it another great destination for families. Every year, we have festivals including 3 Rivers Festival, Johnny Appleseed, Germanfest, Greekfest, Ribfest, the surrounding County Fairs, and so many more! If you haven’t made it to a Fort Wayne festival yet, you are missing out! They are a great way to experience different cultures in Fort Wayne and around the world and connect with others. Along with festivals for families, there are so many kid friendly things to do. The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, Science Central, the Museum of Art, and the Botanical Gardens are a few popular ones around town as well as the variety of sporting events to support. You’ll find the Tincaps playing at Parkview Field most nights of the summer – and a major plus is that tickets are inexpensive and many evening with a firework display! Fort Wayne is also home to the Komet’s hockey team, the Mad Ants basketball, and all of our sports at Purdue University Fort Wayne (formerly known as IPFW).

If we haven’t convinced you that Fort Wayne is a great place to live and visit, then I think you need to read this again! You can also check out this article on all the rankings of Fort Wayne -

We at One Eleven Design are proud to call Fort Wayne HOME and hope you can say the same!

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