People always ask, “Why did you choose interior design?”

My path to interior design started when I was a senior in high school. My high school offered a course that got into the basics of interior design. Throughout this course I found myself enjoying each project and I was always eager to start the next one. After talking to my teacher, who graduated from Ball State’s Interior Design program, I started doing my own research on the program at Ball State. Through this research, I found a summer forum that the Ball State Interior Design program holds for high school students to learn more about interior design. I attended this forum the summer before starting at Ball State. This 10 day program gave me an inside look at what the program would be like and I fell even more in love with interior design. I began my college career at Ball State in the Interior Design program and have not looked back since!

This question can be daunting and frustrating to explain to people who think all you do is pick out pillows and paint colors. Throughout my three years of studying interior design, I have learned that interior design does indeed include picking out pillows and paint colors, but it also involves laying out furniture, temporary walls, and creating an environment that the client will enjoy for many years. Many people also don’t realize that an interior designer must know many different kinds of codes, including fire, life safety, building and accessibility. These codes can be very extensive and are crucial as you are designing a space that will be safe for all.

As an interior design student, I am constantly learning new things – not only trends but new software as well. Different types of software can be used to create your design and bring it to life, all on the computer. With a design software, you can create a two-dimensional floor plan for contractors to use as well as three-dimensional images of your space to show a client your concepts and ideas as realistic images. Often times it is hard for a client to visualize what their new space is going to look like so having the ability to create these spaces with technology can help a client see their finished project before it has even begun. In recent years software has taken design to the next step, digital walkthroughs or virtual reality. These can be short video clips that walk your client though the building and highlight specific areas. Virtual Reality allows for great presentation of design for the client, but takes time to learn and create.

Deciding on the path to interior design is a choice I will never regret. Seeing the happiness on your client’s face when you deliver a design that exceeds their expectations is a satisfying and fulfilling feeling and I cannot wait to officially begin my career as an interior designer once I graduate! My experience this summer at One Eleven Design has been a great look into the future of my design career!

Mackenzie Park