Do you sell furniture to states other than Indiana?

Yes, we have completed many projects for customers outside of Indiana. Let us know your needs and we’d be happy to help you in any way that we are able.

Do you only sell office furniture?

No, we can provide you with much more than that! We have resources to assist you with any design needs, from flooring to paint to glass walls and so much more!

My furniture is broken or I need replacement parts, who should I contact?

Give us a call at 260-424-1113 and we will be happy to help you with warranties and replacements!

What is your standard lead time?

Lead time will vary based on the vendor and can range from 2 days to 10 weeks. We will keep you updated on lead time for each project as the project progresses.

Can I visit your showroom to look at available furniture?

Absolutely! We would love to have you come in and look at the options we have to offer!

Do you charge a consultation fee?

We do not charge an initial consultation fee! Depending on the project, design time may be contracted.

Still have questions? Head over to our contact form and drop us a note.

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