Brief Company Introduction

Built in the 1980’s and acquired by Benchmark Human Services over 12 years ago, the interiors of this building were dated and in need of a refresh. Our client wanted their office to reflect the human centered level of care and respect they offer each of their clients who are in various stages of dealing with disabilities. Our team of experts was hired to design and manage the project.     

“The level of customer service, communication, and quality of work provided by One Eleven Design, along with contractors PSI, BZW, Strahm, and Dancer Concrete Design was greatly appreciated throughout this extensive project.”

Benchmark Human Services

Project Details

We were excited for the opportunity to transform this space from top to bottom. Everything from the ceiling, walls, flooring, open office furniture, and bathrooms were replaced. With One Eleven’s resources for purchasing new furnishings, PSI’s trusted move/installation crew and off-site storage capabilities, the painters at BZW, and the construction crew at Strahm, Benchmark was given a comprehensive project cost breakdown in order to make informed decisions.

In order to conserve their allotted budget for actual upgrades, the client decided early on that they would keep their staff on site during the construction. With the help of many teams, we were able to analyze moving offsite vs. staying onsite. We determined that it would be best to use a phased approach to make this happen. The project was divided into three phases.

The final project resulted in the owner keeping their private office furnishings and adding new open office workstations and lounge seating. We used programming to determine the true needs of the space. We found that some areas were being extremely underused. We were able to eliminate these spaces and add more usable opportunities. More meeting areas and small lounges for informal group work were incorporated to accommodate their desire to work more collaboratively with one another.

Pain Points/Weaknesses/Issues

One key factor that greatly affected the project’s process was the short timeline that was needed to accomplish this remodel. However, we were always in communication with one another and worked together to make sure we kept on schedule throughout the project. The second major challenge in this project was keeping all of the employees on site. While it was determined to be more cost effective for the client, it required great thought and planning for phasing. We worked together with Benchmark and the other contractors involved to schedule phasing that allowed employees to move into the conference rooms as well as the cafeteria until their spaces were completed in the phases. Keeping all employees on site also allowed for them to see the process in its’ entirety which is not always the case for companies going through a refresh.

Project Completion

Benchmark Human Services’ dedicated staff were a huge part of the projects success. The client’s administrative team’s willingness to communicate frequently, make quick decisions and meet on a weekly basis made the aggressive schedule feasible. Our internal team employed scheduling software to manage the different contractors, often working simultaneously in the same space and their overlapping deadlines.

The project included demolition, new flooring, and furniture. A minimal amount of wall covering and decorative tile was utilized in special areas to accent the space. The fate of curved glass block walls that were pink glass became a major design decision considering how much transmission of light they were actually providing. They were eventually covered with decorative finishes to complement the new design. We completed this project in August 2018.

“The One Eleven Design team was able to take our vision and budget and provide us with a beautiful new building. We went from a “beige box” to a vibrant modern space that makes it enjoyable to come to work. Change is hard, and keeping our staff happy and productive during construction was a priority. The project was multifaceted and complex, but we worked together as a team to keep all the moving parts flowing.

The design phase of the project involved multiple meetings with One Eleven. They listened to what colors, style, and vibe we wanted, and were able to come up with options until all selections were approved. Several times we changed our minds on selections and they were very willing to come up with alternate choices. The whole team was involved with the project, and was available whenever called. If problems arose, they were very fair in offering a solution that didn’t impact the budget negatively. We added several areas not initially identified, and One Eleven and the contractors were able to complete the work within the original project timeline.

The contractors chosen were high quality and professional. They had great project managers and workers who kept everything on schedule and minimized disruption. They even worked after hours to work on areas that were too busy to disrupt during the day. They also were willing to correct any areas that needed additional attention.

I would highly recommend One Eleven Design for any project big or small!”

Benchmark Human Services


We were able to offer a complete package of design, project maanagement, and FF&E services from moving and storage, reviewing contractor's bids and contracts to final furnishings and finishes. Our team worked hard to manage many different contractors and phases of this large project. In the end, we were pleased that we had the opportunity to partner with Benchmark and all the contractors involved to bring this office from the 80's up to today's modern era.