Brief Company Introduction

Camp Red Cedar has been an instrumental establishment in the Fort Wayne Community for years. Each year, they serve hundreds of children with their summer camps, riding programs, and horse shows. “The mission of Camp Red Cedar is to encourage children and adults with disabilities to move beyond their boundaries through recreational activities, outdoor education, creative arts and interaction with horses, in an integrated environment, serving people of all abilities.” This project was a new build as they had simply outgrown their old space. We partnered with them to completely furnish the space with items that were durable and ADA compliant.

Project Details

Our team of experts was hired to furnish a space that would accommodate all different individuals. They had a variety of spaces with many different uses. We also picked items to coordinate with the rustic characteristics of the camp building.

The main area would be their center for gathering all the camp participants. The tables would often be in different configurations depending on the amount of people using the space at the time. We included tables on casters for ease of mobility. They were also flip-tops which would allow them to nest against each other. This would help condense the amount of space they would take up when in storage.

In addition to their main gathering space, there were a few private offices, a conference room, wellness rooms, and even an outdoor space! It was great to take the feeling we were providing on the inside and transition it to the outside. We used weather proof furniture so that in the summers the campers can maximize their time outside in the fresh air.

Pain points/Weaknesses/Issues

One key factor that greatly affected the project was the need for the products to be compliant to all users, as they have many campers with disabilities. Our knowledge and research of ADA regulations helped us start selecting the perfect items. Since many are in wheelchairs, a percentage of the tables in the main gathering space are at a higher height than standard. This allows the wheelchair to go right up to it without hitting the table. The rest were at a standard height so that we could place chairs up to them for the rest of the campers.

Project Completion and Conclusion

Camp Red Cedar’s new space was officially completed in June of this year. At the open house, you can see what an impact they have had on campers who have come to their programs. It was great to be part of such a great organization. Since then, they have had a summer jam-packed of campers experiencing the great new space. They are sure to have many, many more summers filled with laughter and smiles!

One Eleven Design was great in helping us find furniture that fit the feel we were going for in the new activity center. They were very informative on providing quality product options that met our diverse needs.

Camp Red Cedar