Brief Company Introduction

Precision Rings has been a leading designer and manufacturer of piston and seal rings since 1949. When it was time to remodel their location in Indianapolis, we were excited to help with the process. 

Project Details

This furniture project was done in conjunction with Lynn Crannell of Lacy and Lacy, Inc. as well as an interior remodel led by Four Point Design Partners. We worked closely with them to create the end product. We coordinated the furniture of the space to be seamlessly integrated with the design. 

Since this project was a complete gut and remodel, it really gave us a fresh start and a new look to the space. We were able to create anything they wanted without having any limiting factors. 

We started with space planning the area to suit their needs. They desired an open office look, so we started with cubicles with lower walls. This created an individual zone for each person while also keeping an open environment feel. We also had some small collaborative lounge spaces throughout the space. They also had a lab in the back, so we used tables with a heavy-duty surface to comply with its everyday use. 

As you can see in the photos, they decided to go with all height adjustable desks to promote movement throughout the day. 

This was a very large undertaking for our organization. It was a complete gut and remodel. Four Point Design, Lacy and Lacy, Inc., The Peterson Company, LLC and One Eleven Design had to work seamlessly together to get the job done right and on-time. Yes, there were a few unforeseen challenges that emerged as the job progressed, but we worked as a team to overcome the challenges. We also finished within a week of the scheduled completion date.

Precision Rings

Pain Points/Weaknesses/Issues

One of the main problems that we had to work around was the importance for all the employees to be in the natural light. This was one of the major factors that drove the open office look. Before, with their high cubicle walls, only those on the north side of the building could have access to the sunlight. We took the cubicle walls down and placed them all in the middle of the space, with the aisleways on the sides. This created the perfect environment for them. 

Project Completion

In the end, the client was more than pleased with the turnout! They wanted a bright and open setting and that is exactly what they received. 

This project was completed in October of 2017.

Visitors who had seen our office before the remodel are amazed at the difference. Everyone that visits compliments the flow and design of the entire area. We could not be happier.

Precision Rings


Through this total remodel, we had a great experience working with Four Point Design Partners on Precision Rings’ space. It is a great example of how we can work hand in hand to create a space for the end user.

After the project was over they found some other small things they wanted done. For example, they ordered additional storage units, as well as some tables for other areas of the buildings not touched in the remodel. 

For more information on standing height desks, hop over to our blog and read an article about how they are becoming a staple in the office.

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